Why Choose Quantitative Research Over Qualitative Research?

Research is an integral part of academics and one time or another is a necessity. Research papers and thesis include the crux of all that you have learned about a specific subject and present it in a way that would intrigue the audience. Now, there are various research techniques i.e. quantitative and qualitative and both of these are used in different situations.

It all depends upon you which one would be chosen as each would be beneficial but some aspects may give the other one an edge. Quantitative research has been regarded as a better way to approach than qualitative for several reasons and now it is time for an essay writer to see and make a decision.

Quantitative and Qualitative

  • One of the key factors that differ from the two is that in quantitative research, numbers and statistics play a huge role. On the other hand, qualitative research is more dependent on ideas. Now, it is not hard to see that quantitative research would be more straightforward to interpret than the other one.

    As an example, consider two numbers. 100 is less than 1000. Presenting such a finding would not be disputed by any person in the entire world. But if you say that this item is better than that on certain aspects then that could totally be subjective. There might be many that agree and many that do not. Since quantitative is more concerned with calculations and decision-making on the basis of the results generated so it would make sense to use if you want to be sure about your research. Also, if there is an argument on the results, it can just as easily be tested by others.

  • Secondly, there is very little to think about when applying the methodologies to decipher the results. You have mathematical values in front of you and you apply certain formulas to get the outcome. You would not have to think much about how you would be doing that. Experts have developed formulas and methods and now it is just a matter of time that you take those and apply them to your values. The topic of qualitative vs quantitative research is one that might leave you thinking a lot. If you want to be certain, expert writing services could help you find the best technique for the situation. Just tell them about your plans and research and they shall find the ideal result for you. If you are confused, ask others to write my essay for me.
  • The world is moving at a pace where any confusion or questions wouldn't be appreciated. People are in the hunt for definitive answers that have come from various applications of techniques. When you look at it this way, there is only one possible option to pursue and that is quantitative research. People viewing your research would not have to hunt for any answers as it would be readily available to them. Precision is increasing with technology and it could be the difference-maker between something of worth in something totally worthless.
  • One thing that is argued from time to time is biasness. People could potentially use it to play with results so that these would be in their favor and conclude in certain specific options. The best thing about quantitative research is that even if you try to play with values, the end results could be easily tested and justified. This may not be possible in qualitative research as it is more concerned with subjective opinions.
  • The Decision-making aspect is highly increased as results can be comprehended easily. It is easier to deduce some conclusions rather than leaving it ambiguous. Qualitative research is not that easy to manage and could lead to bias and ambiguities.

    The decision is entirely up to you but at least you would be aware of the situation to a full extent. Whatever choice you make, there are certain aspects of research that would stay common and cannot be changed. These steps are of paramount importance and must be completed. Some of the steps include:

  • Identifying the topic and properly setting the tone and scope. Your topic would have to cover enough areas to give you things to explore. Going too wide or too narrow in your research would make justification impossible on your part whatever method you use. In case you need some good topics, always consult an essay writing service to do it for you.
  • Find proper material to explore from scholarly websites. Take note of the essential points and find as much relevant data as possible. Do not think of this step as one to just skip over as the authenticity and credibility of your entire paper would depend upon it.
  • Draw an outline as it would be a blueprint for your entire research. Note down all the sections and the information to be included in each. This would easily allow you to match your final draft with what you have explored.
  • Once everything falls into place, you would begin writing by keeping the outline with you. Go through all the steps. Make sure that there is proper cohesion in everything you say. The most important aspect of the paper would be the thesis statement that would be the crux of the entire paper. You should carefully claim each and everything that the oncoming details would be covering. This would give you something to match each of your sections with. If you find anything out of place, simply remove or change it as per the requirement.
  • Proofread and then submit and if you have followed the right steps then it would be no trouble at all. You can also ask a write my paper service to proofread it for you.

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