Can Turnitin Detect Writing Style?

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Can Turnitin Detect Writing Style?

Turnitin does not detect your writing style if you do an academic assignment without plagiarizing and properly using citations.

Turnitin is software that detects plagiarized content and tells if you copy information from other work. Also, Turnitin works to match the similarity score and cannot tell if your writing style is the same as others.

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Things to Do Not Getting Caught By Turnitin

It is important to consider the following points to avoid plagiarism:

  • Buy Assignment From a Reliable Writing Service
  • A custom assignment written by a professional writer can make all the difference in your academic success. Thus, you must consult a reliable writing service like

    We have the best writers, editors, and proofreaders that deliver you the best work on time and without any plagiarism. They use plagiarism checker software and check all orders before delivering.

  • Cite Sources Properly
  • One of the most common and obvious solutions to reducing Turnitin similarity levels is a citation. Academic writing should always have in-text citations and a reference or bibliography, depending on your formatting preference ( APA, MLA, etc.). It's important to use the right formatting for citations in your academic papers.

  • Use Quotation Marks
  • It's important to apply quotation marks around every word, sentence, or multiple sentences that have been quoted from another source. Without this, you could face problems like losing academic integrity.

    Your dedicated essay writer will make sure that he uses proper quotation marks where necessary.

  • Avoid Using Too Many Quotes
  • Avoiding too many citations from similar sources increases the chances of similarity being detected by Turnitin. Also, it can lead to significant problems for your future academic career.

    Quoting someone else's words can be tricky. If you want to quote somebody, make sure that the language doesn't change its original meaning.

  • Avoid Copying Word-to-Word
  • Another thing to avoid plagiarism, reducing similarity, is not including all small matches. This works well when it comes to bibliographies, commonly used words, or quotes.

  • Never Use Papers from Public Database
  • You shouldn't submit papers that you found on the internet. That is called plagiarism, and you will be expelled from school.

  • Select Reliable Essay Mills
  • Many companies offer to write your paper for you. The problem is that they want your personal information, like a credit card number or social security number. This isn't safe.

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Other Related Questions

Can Turnitin detect essays online bought?

Turnitin can't detect if your essay is well-written and free from plagiarism. It only checks the matching text and shows where you copy that information.

Can Turnitin detect paraphrasing?

No, it cannot detect paraphrasing. Instead, Turnitin checks the similarity score. Also, check your work against its database of scanned texts to see if it has found any plagiarized content.

Can Turnitin detect PDF?

Turnitin does not accept PDF files, forms, or portfolios. Also, it does not accept scanned files, which usually are images.

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